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Do you charge an application fee?

Yes, but we don’t want to nickel and dime you, so one $20 application fee per apartment along with a one month security deposit is you committing to that apartment. If for some reason, we choose not to rent to you, your security deposit will be returned.

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Are utilities included in rent?

The utilities included vary by location. You can call Rochester Gas & Electric to find out what the average of the past 12 month’s usage is to give you an idea, but your usage may be different which can change your monthly bill.  RG&E Customer Service can be reached at 800-743-2110.  Just make sure to specify the property address and apartment number (if there is one). Water and trash removal are always included.

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What are your qualification standards for renting an apartment?

Your rent should be no more than 35% of your total household income. Cosigners are an option and their income must qualify. Income for all tenants must be stable and verified. You must have a clean previous rental history. Personal references, credit history and criminal/eviction records are also reviewed.

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What appliances are included?

Each unit has a stove and fridge, and the majority of our apartments include a dishwasher. Washers and dryer availability vary by location, and may include machines, hook-ups or a coin-op set of machines....
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Do you accept smokers?

We do not accept smokers. However, there are a few smokers in some buildings because they were there before our no-smoking policy was implemented.

Their continued tenancy is contingent upon smoke odor not impacting the space of their neighbors.

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