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How do yearly leases and monthly installments work?

So you signed a new lease. Terrific!

Now you have rent payments to make. Usually you have to make your first rent payment, plus a security deposit, when you sign the lease. You absolutely have to have those paid in full before we will turn over the keys to your new pad.

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When is my rent due?

LEASE PAYMENTS ARE DUE ON OR BEFORE THE 5th OF EACH MONTH. It needs to be received in our office (not postmarked) by the 5th. All payments received after this date are assessed a late fee of $50. Returned checks (NSF) are assessed a minimum $35 fee + late fees. Any tenant who has an NSF check must pay via Chase Quickpay or with a money order in the future. We reserve the right to collect the rent with one check even if we have accepted separate checks.

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