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Can I bring a pet?

We love pets so sometimes, yes, you may have a pet BUT YOU MUST HAVE PRIOR WRITTEN PERMISSION for each and every pet. We allow pets for some places. We do not allow pets in other places. We allow only certain types of pets at certain locations. No dogs over 20 pounds are allowed without specific written permission. We do not allow pets that are on any form of dangerous/violent/aggressive animal lists. We charge a one-time $100 pet fee per dog and $200 pet fee per cat. There will never be permission to have more than two pets under any circumstances. We require tenants with pets to acquire renter’s insurance with $1 million of liability, naming Olive Tree Properties as an additional insured. If we revoke your right to have a pet or if you never had permission in the first place and we find one on your premises, then you must immediately remove your pet. We’d hate to have anything happen to Fluffy so please get permission first.

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