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Olive Tree Properties Move Out Checklist

Prepping for your Move-Out Inspection

Please read your lease. Here is an additional, but not an all inclusive list, of items to check for the move out inspection:


  • Clean stove. Clean under burners. Lift stove lid and clean. Clean oven and broiler and burner pans. Be sure to leave broiler pans. Clean under stove. Clean above cabinets. Clean the refrigerator and freezer and seals. Be sure to leave ice-cube trays and ice-cube containers.  Pull refrigerator out and clean the floor underneath and wipe off the top. Wipe down outside of appliances as well. Make sure all shelves are in.
  • Clean the cabinets inside and out and on top.
  • Sweep and mop the floor. Dust the baseboards.
  • Thoroughly clean tubs, toilets, sinks, mirrors, cabinets, closets, and mop the floors. (There should be no soap scum)
  • Clean windows, wipe window sills and blinds.
  • Dust base boards and vents and closet shelves.
  • Wipe fingerprints off all doors and light switches.
  • Vacuum all carpet (stairs also).
  • Any blinds or curtain rods attached to the woodwork should remain in place and be in operable condition with wands.
  • Remove all belongings and trash.  Sweep.
  • Throw all trash into appropriate trash receptacles. Remove all belongings from inside and outside your residence including the porch areas and yards. Replace burnt out light bulbs.  Clean all light fixtures, wipe down door handles, switch plates & outlet plates. Wipe out window sills. Replace used batteries in the smoke alarms and any broken doorstops. Be sure the fire extinguisher is full. Clean laundry room. Clean up cobwebs. Make sure all window screens are intact and in place.
  • Cleaning will be done by the lessee prior to move out or the cost will be deducted from the security deposit.
  • All keys (including mail keys) must be returned by 5 p.m. on the last day of your lease.  If all keys are not returned within the specified time frame, they will be assumed lost or stolen and the locks will be changed at your expense. Any locks not installed by Olive Tree Properties on bedroom doors must be removed.

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