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When is my rent due?

LEASE PAYMENTS ARE DUE ON OR BEFORE THE 5th OF EACH MONTH. It needs to be received in our office (not postmarked) by the 5th. All payments received after this date are assessed a late fee. Tenants with leases dated prior to December 15, 2014 incur a late fee of $50. Tenants with leases dated after December 15, 2014 incur a $50 late fee on the 6th of the month and an additional $2 per day until rent and late fees are paid in full. Returned checks (NSF) are assessed a minimum $35 fee + late fees. Any tenant who has an NSF check must pay via Chase Quickpay or with a money order in the future. We reserve the right to collect the rent with one check even if we have accepted separate checks.

If you pay individually, note that you are still co and several liable for the apartment and the rent. It is not our responsibility to tell you who owes what, although we will try to help you sort it out if you run into problems. We record the checks that are received and the amount of rent is expected to be paid in full, regardless of who has paid what. Acceptance of late rent does not wave the rights of Olive Tree Properties with respect to the lease agreement. Failure to enforce late fees is not a waiver of rights.

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