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Where can I find out about my security deposit?

We will MAIL YOU an itemized list of damages and deductions, if any, along with either your remaining deposit or an invoice for any costs over and above the deposit. This will happen within 30 days of the end of your lease.

There are no exceptions to this rule. You can’t make it go faster by pestering us but doing so might just slow it down (and annoy people who are trying to move in to their own apartments). So please bear with us. 30 days.

(In case you REALLY want to know). Here’s how it works. We walked through your apartment, hopefully with you but if you weren’t available when the move out was scheduled then without you. We wrote down any damage we saw inside or outside the apartment. We have a nice, orderly form for doing this. We often took pictures. We generate work orders for your unit based on the move-out inspection. These work orders are used to ready the unit for the next tenants.

After the work is completed, and everyone is settled into their new apartments, we take the move-out inspections and the previous move-in inspections and we compare them. We also compare the move-out inspection to any work you requested during the year. We mark off the things that were on the move-in and were not fixed during the year. We then take the work orders and generate an itemized list of all the labor and materials that are attributable to your unit.

We then mail that list, along with a check or invoice, to the permanent contact address on the lease or provided to us on the move-out inspection form.

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